We were born in a world where our family and the people around us had problems dealing with their emotional and personal issues. Like everything else, we learned how to deal and resolve our own issues by watching them closely and by imitating how they did it.

Slowly over time this pattern of behaviour or coping style started a process of encoding or hard wiring itself into our subconscious mind for future use.

Today when dealing with our issues and stressors we automatically and without conscious intention or awareness produce what was modelled and hardwired into us back then. These programs reside in our subconscious mind, where they sit below our threshold of awareness and are activated based on what is happening in our lives. This happens instantaneously without our choices or conscious intent.

Just like a computer in which we have programmed and stored information, the job of the subconscious mind is to feed back to us what it has stored in it, and that is everything we have learned thus far and includes our coping strategies to address our incoming problems and issues. If what we have stored is the possibility of reviewing all positive options based on acquiring a best scenario outcome, then that result will be offered to us. If we have stored hurt, pain and revenge in our behaviours, then that result will be offered to us instead.

How to identify and free ourselves from what is no longer serving us? 

We must address how the wounds from our past and our present life with loved ones, family, and friends become exposed and replay themselves in our present day interactions. This feedback loop repeatedly creates our unconscious patterning thus transferring potent adversarial feelings, emotions, needs, expectations, and beliefs onto our current issues and relationships rather than objectively looking at available options to respond and consequently evolve into a higher perspective to resolve them.





What we most want from life:
Happiness, health, wealth, peace, balance, nurturing relationships, passion to pursue our dreams …
Do you ever think about what you want in life?
Do you know what's holding you back?
Are you ready to break free from your conditioning?
Without Changing ... nothing in us can change! 

We seek help for many reasons, ranging from a desire for self-improvement and growth, to contending with a present crisis, and/or addressing long-term stressors that have taken a toll on our life.

Regardless of your background or life-experience, Counselling Hypnotherapy can assist you in developing healthier, more effective strategies when dealing with life issues and crisis. 

I bring experience, and knowledge to help produce deep changes at a subconscious level, below our threshold of awareness, where memories and beliefs reside, and where the minds ability to transform exists.  

Does Hypnosis Work?
 A comparison study by American Health Magazine
   Psychoanalysis:       38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behaviour Therapy:  72% recover after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy:          93% recovery after 6 sessions
       Call to discuss how my counselling hypnotherapy services may be able to assist you.
The Canadian Cancer Society recommends ARCH Canada Hypnotherapists for Complementary Therapy.
Rose Windfeld, RCCH
Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist
7413 N Island highway, Black Creek BC, V9J 1G2, Vancouver Island

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