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Are you Running Your Own Brain?
We see and interpret what's happening to us through the filters and recorded information from our past.
Is stress in your life showing up in your body as a headache, fatigue or chronic pain? Are your fears and limited beliefs holding you back? Do you suffer from anxiety, phobias or addictions?

From birth we began to encode our model of the world, based on the people and the experiences we were continuously exposed to. The stage was preset for us culturally, socially and through our family dynamics. Whatever the method our family used in dealing with their issues we unconsciously absorbed as ours, and from within that we learned a way to cope with the world around us. Some of these experiences started the process of laying pathways in our brain and from within that we created strategies to cope with our world.  Unconsciously we started to use these strategies  when dealing with ourselves and others with the consequences of creating harmony and success some of the time while at the opposite end experiencing on-going conflict and struggle. 

So  began our journey in life, and unless we have learned otherwise we are now continuing to use the same strategies. Because all of our experiences, that is  good and bad are now encoded in our mind as memories, and these memories are what we use to determine our strategies, they also determine how we behave. It holds our patterns, our behaviours, and our beliefs, with a point of view, and a way to operate from within it. These preset ways of behaving self express themselves in our life through our reactions. And this all happens instantaneously without our conscious volition.

This all began by the simple interaction of dealing with the people around us, and over time our perception of 'what is' started to fill in meaning about our world and our place in it. From those very perceptions we began to categorize our world, and from that our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world surrounding us began to take shape.

Because it all feels so real we treat perception as a truth rather than as a representation of what is. Perception's definition is our ability to see, hear, or become aware of through the senses based chiefly on our memory; it's a way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something. It's not a truth cemented in stone, rather it's an interpretation. Yet, subconsciously our mind fills in the unspoken based on these perceptions, and makes determinations.

Everything in life is learned this way and we are now producing within us exactly what we believe, and hold in our mind to be true based on those past experiences. It's not that heights or meeting new people scare us, it's that we have learned how to be afraid of heights and we have learned how to fear meeting new people. We are functioning flawlessly to manifest the things we believe to be true. When we change our internal programs about what we believe to be true we will also be changing the way we react to life and begin creating something completely different for ourselves.

Bruce Lipton Ph.D. and author of 'The Biology of Belief' say's, "Positive and negative thoughts have a profound effect on behaviour and genes, but only when they are in harmony with our subconscious programming". He continues to say, "The conscious mind is the self, the voice of our own thoughts. It can have great visions and plans for a future filled with love, health, happiness and prosperity. While we focus our consciousness on happy thoughts, who is running the show? The subconscious. How is the subconscious going to manage our affairs? Precisely the way it was programmed". And this programming began at our birth.

Robert G. Smith, from Faster EFT, say's, "All seeming problems are created based on what we hold within. There are no failures, only expressions of our own internal references. Problems are built from these internal representations based on past experiences. In order to have a problem we have to think a certain way, and we have to process our life in a certain way. It's all based on our recorded information". 


The Key To Changing
What are we doing inside our mind to create and re-create an emotion over and over again.
While working together we are going to look at these internal programs and begin transforming your negative beliefs, habits, and emotions into more of what you really want in life rather than what you don't want. I'll show you how to take control of your inner world and purposefully begin to make changes so that you can have more of what you want regardless of what is going on outside of you.
We'll begin by first identifying your fears, traumas and consequent thoughts, beliefs and emotions that's keeping you stuck in re-experiencing again and again what you don't want. Together we'll look at how you're doing what you're doing, rather than the why of it. The why we are the way we are of course does surface in our conversation but working exclusively on the why simply does not create the shifts that need to occur at a subconscious level to make lasting change happen. Using this process you'll quickly discover that it's the way you're interpreting the world rather than what's going on around you that is the reason for your problems. You'll be even more surprised to find out that all of your problems in of itself is a success rather than a failure, for you must do something specific and correctly within you in order to have any experience at all. It's all a skillful creation of your subconscious mind and you are producing exactly what you know how to produce based on the information recorded in your brain.  

We'll then look at how you represent your past and begin a process that makes deep changes to your emotional attachment. Let me give you an example of how internal programs operate within us. ...Go back in time to a negative experience that disturbs you... take a moment and drift back in time to that memory and begin to notice what you notice... notice the feelings... the sounds... the images... the sensations...Now, take a moment and notice if you're seeing yourself in the picture as if you are watching a movie or if you're seeing the event through your eyes as if it's happening right now... Is the picture close up or far away? What sensations do you feel coursing through your body, is it a knot in your stomach... a constricted throat... the start of a pounding headache... really feel what this feels like and this time notice that you are noticing yourself noticing. The process of noticing yourself noticing, begins the realization that it's a replicative fabrication, made up entirely by our perspectives. 


We Live From Trance State To Trance State
Whenever we are not fully engaged in the present moment, we are in a trance state.

Consciously you know the event is not happening right now and if you can see yourself watching yourself you have to be making it up. If you're making it up you could stop what you're doing at any time. Of course this is easier said than done, for once we start to re-experience a memory our body/mind connection becomes so intermingled in the experience of it all that shifting direction in mid stream is not an easy possibility. The negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, sounds... recreate itself all over again in our mind, and in our body with the exact feelings experienced back then.

What this means is that every time we face an issue or a problem we instantaneously drift back in time to another similar previous experience and instantaneously relive the feelings of that older memory as if it was happening again, right now. This is called a trance state or a state of focused attention. It's really an internal program running in the background having us re-experience the feelings we felt back then. We live the majority of our life in this state of mind, that is, on automatic pilot, from one trance state to another.

Automatically as if on cue we regurgitate the thoughts, beliefs, and the emotions of the past without conscious volition to stop or censor the experience - it just happens to us. We confuse what we feel today with what we felt back then. Whenever we are not fully engage in the present moment, we're in a trance state. These trance states make the experience seem as if it's really happening right now, yet in actuality it's all made up from our past experiences.

This is because both our mind and our body can't tell the difference between relived memories, verses the reality of right now. To the mind it is all happening right now. Hence, the feelings and emotions that present themselves when we recall a memory makes it feel like it's happening in this present moment, even though we're actually recalling a past memory. We feel all the emotions attached to the past memory, such as panic, disappointment, rage, devastation, hopelessness, helplessness...

All the while what we're trying to do is address our present problem, but unbeknownst to us, what's happening is that both issues seem to have merged into one, and now from an appearance stand point they both appear to be the same issue. When experienced this way mimicking the manner we previously used from our past is instantaneous and becomes our default position. The only way to alter this course of action is to stop the experience mid-stream and scrutinize ourselves through consciousness. This redirects the momentum of the experience to the 'now' rather than to the past experience; an impossible task for most of us but accomplishable if you're practicing awareness and being in the moment.


What's Happening Behind The Scene
Is it any wonder we keep making the same bad decisions again and again.

What created the feeling? Was it the event or was it something we did right now with our imagination? What happens if we have a lot of events we're recalling in the now about being disappointed or of being abandoned? What happens if every morning upon awakening we think about our wife that died and left us all alone, and we've been feeling these emotions for the past five years? What about if we continuously think that we have cancer or that we're not good enough. Will these incessant thoughts eventually begin to affect how we respond to the people around us, and what will it do to our body? What happens to a child's psyche if she gets smacked around, and continuously rejected from the people who claim to love her? Who will this child marry when she's grown up, and ready to walk down the aisle... the odds are great it will be to someone who will also reject her in some way? For her this will be the way you play the game of love, to her the people who love her, also reject her, it's now an internal program, and it's how she runs her life. What if you consistently feel angry and mentally and physically inadequate? Will it eventually wear you down? Yes it will, now is it the body's reaction to whatever is going on outside of you or is it what's going on inside of you that's causing the problems? It's what's going on inside you. Could it be then, that all of our problems are caused because of how we're interpreting our situations?

If you were abused when you were nine years old and you replay the memory over and over again in your mind, it's really now you abusing yourself, rather than somebody else doing it to you. The problem is that we don't know how to stop it, and because we're holding on to the memory, the negative emotions attached to it get replayed over and over again every time we remember it, recall it or when something happens that's similar to the original trauma. Who does this memory destroy... it can only be you for no one else even knows what's going on in your head.


Unfinished Business From Our Past Lives On In Our Cells
We're emotionally stuck and don't know what to do about it.

The way our mind works is when we experience something that triggers a memory, it doesn't matter whether it's a positive or a negative memory, we instantaneously re-feel the emotion that was felt back then, and anything that is repeated over and over again begins the creation of neural pathways in our brain that support re-triggering the emotion again in the future. Conditions like phobias and PTSD exist because the brain creates a feedback loop that builds and enhances these neural pathways based on our conditioning. This occurs in all human beings, not just those who suffer significant traumas in their life.

When we interact with others our emotional wounds from the past becomes visible again and replay's itself in our present-day relationships as if it was real. We get trapped by the replay of our past and this reenactment perpetuates ongoing negative feelings, fears, judgments and biases in our present day interactions.

It is essential to shatter this distorted self-image and we do it by addressing our subconscious ways of coping with our anger, traumas, stress, pain, procrastination, anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, learning challenges, relationships issues, obsessive thinking...


Becoming The Person You Want To Be
Can you begin to comprehend the hold these long-term negative memories have over us.

I understand how the mind/body connection works and the process from which we encode our experiences through our senses. My aim when working with you is to first help you recognize that whatever feelings you are producing, it is all a skillful creation of your subconscious mind, deeply encoded from within you, below your threshold of awareness.

Together we'll go back to your painful memories and limiting beliefs and look at how you're internally representing and holding these memories. I'll be aiming at what you're doing from within your mind to keep these memories alive and seeming real today. Using a systemic approach we'll begin a process of de-hypnotizing you from your trances by pulling you back and forth, from trance state to the present moment, and then back again to your trance state. Each time we repeat this step your trance state will weaken a little bit more, until finally you simply won't be able to recall what so frighten or horrified you in the first place. My focus is on disrupting your brain's repetitive patterns of reconstructing negative memories and sensations in order to keep your memories alive.

When working on your issues the only thing that matters is what you believe to be true, regardless as to whether its factually true or not, for everything is within you, and if you believe it to be true, then it's true for you and that is what we'll be dealing with.

By the time we're done together you'll have a much better understanding as to:

  • How to clear negative emotions attached to your memories
  • Understand why our subconscious mind keeps re-enacting negative memories.
  • Why emotional and mental blocks occur.
  • How to rewrite your history to create positive outcomes in your life.
  • Ability to change your own negative limiting beliefs and un-resourceful life patterns.
  • Become more inner-directed rather than being controlled from outside of you.

Somewhere along the way you'll begin to notice that you're making new improved choices that's creating totally different options that simply didn't seem available or possible before. And you'll find it difficult to let what used to bother you ever bother you again in the way that it once did.

You too can claim the life you've been seeking and desiring and the change will have come from within you rather than because the people around you had to change to make you happy!

I offer in person sessions in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia and online via Zoom.





Rose Windfeld, RCCH
Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

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